What do I rate as the best vibrator ever?

The We-Vibe Salsa has long been regarded as the “best of the best” of clitoral vibrators in the sex toy reviewer and blogger world. It is highly versatile and powerful, and I thought, popular– until We-Vibe discontinued it, leaving masses of people devastated and trying to snatch up the last few remaining Salsas.

What do you buy when you’re used to a we-vibe-Salsa? It is a difficult spot to fill.  I’m going to help you find the best vibrator!  Another site with vibrator reviews and heaps of handy content is BESTVIBRATORS.ORG.


Enter the We-Vibe Tango. The Tango has the same patterns and speeds, same small size, and same power, just in a slightly different shape. The Salsa comes to a point, whereas the Tango has a slanted, flat tip, like a lipstick.

Both vibes are so small that the tip, regardless of which one you have, can be used for pinpoint stimulation. Or, if you like more broad stimulation, you can turn it on its side a little bit and use it that way.  It’s a great vibrator.


Comparing Vibrators


The Tango, like the Salsa, is highly versatile. It is a great, rumbly clitoral vibrator, fits in the bullet holes for many vibrating dildos and cock rings, and is great for teasing all over the body– nipples, shaft, testicles, around the vaginal opening or around the anus– just be careful around the anus, as this should not be inserted due to the small size and lack of flared base.


I primarily use mine for clitoral stimulation but it also fits perfectly in all the Tantus toys with bullet holes. The deep vibrations travel beautifully through Tantus silicone and are a much better choice than the weak, one speed bullets those toys come equipped with. I think this would also be incredible in a harness with a bullet pocket, though I do not have one like that.

Is the Tango, Tantus, or we-vibe the best vibrator?

The Tango is made of hard ABS plastic that requires only a tiny lubrication to really get slick. To clean, I simply wash with antibacterial hand soap and water. I do not share my Tango, but if you do, I would recommend bleaching it to make sure all bacteria is gone. You should not boil the Tango or put it in the dishwasher because the heat will ruin the mechanical parts. Because the plastic is so rigid, you can really apply as much pressure as you like without slowing or stopping the motor. I love this feature because a lot of softer vibes are slowed down when you apply firm pressure. I really like to push hard on my clit when I masturbate and this is perfect because I lose no power.


People seem to have a definite preference for the shape of the Salsa over the shape of the Tango, which is slanted like a lipstick. They both have tips that let you use pinpoint stimulation and they both have deep, rumbly vibrations. Both toys are similar in size to a tube of ChapStick and pretty discreet.The Tango is just over 3” long and 2” in circumference. It is easy to travel with or use during sex because it is so tiny and unobtrusive. I keep mine in my purse frequently for masturbating on the go or use during spontaneous sex.

The Tango is rechargeable, which I love. I hate changing batteries and trying to find the right batteries and buying batteries and basically everything that has to do with batteries. The charger for the Tango is magnetic and a little finicky. With a little repositioning, you can usually find a good connection and it will charge in about 90 minutes.

We-Vibe claims that the Tango has about 2 hours of play time on a single charge. The battery life on my Tango seems to be better than the battery life of my Salsa, which makes me VERY happy because my Salsa has a knack for dying on me right before orgasm. The Tango seems to run about 30 minutes longer per charge than the Salsa, but battery life for both toys seems to be inconsistent, based on other reviews I have read.  You have to check out the We-vibe-ii too because it’s a top rated vibrator.

The Tango vibrations are extremely powerful and rumbly. I can quickly and consistently squirt from using this . There is a single button on the base of the Tango and you cycle through the settings using it. After the final click, the Tango is off. It also has a quick off setting if you press and hold the button for a couple of seconds. If you turn it off this way, the Tango will remember what setting you were on next time you turn it on. There are eight settings:

I like the Ultra setting the best. Deep, rumbly, powerful vibrations that make me completely lose control and soak the sheets. I usually avoid pulsing patterns though because I need consistent vibrations to climax. The patterns could be great for you.


Best vibrator conclusion

The Tango comes in a white cardboard box with the toy, charger, little instruction booklet, and a white satin bag. This packaging and the contents are identical to the Salsa. The bag is much larger than the toy and mine has gotten picks and pulls in the fabric but it is still a nice bonus– better than no bag.  It’s a great sex toy and one of the best female vibrators.

My main complaint with the Tango is the finicky magnetic charger. Mine comes loose very easily and then I go back to use it and find it hasn’t been charging. Aside from that, I think this vibe is every bit as incredible as the Salsa.. It is small and convenient to carry around, makes me cum hard and quickly too and I love that it is rechargeable. If you loved the Salsa, you should give the Tango a try, and if you couldn’t get your hands on a Salsa before they were discontinued, you will definitely love the Tango.  Also check out www.lelo.com.


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