Tantus Plunge Paddle

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t expecting much from the Tantus Plunge Paddle. Not that I don’t have full faith in Tantus and their designs; I just don’t typically have much luck with multi-use products. It seems as though when you try to make multiple components good, quality suffers. However…this paddle is pretty good all around. It is a paddle with a dildo for a handle. The handle can be used vaginally or anally, because the paddle portion keeps the dildo safely outside the body. Of course, the paddle is meant to be used outside the body for spanking and impact play.
Silicone has a certain sting to it that is not found in other materials. The silicone is matte and velvety, not glossy. I love matte silicone toys because they aren’t sticky like their glossier counterparts. It still has a small amount of drag but does not attract hair and lint as much as the sticky silicone does. The drag can be smoothed out quickly and easily with a few drops of water-based lubricant. Some higher-quality silicone lubricants might work okay, but always be sure to test a small amount in an inconspicuous area.

The handle/dildo is a little more firm than most dildos— there is no give to it whatsoever. The paddle, however, is what I can best describe as floppy. The neck is as thin as the paddle part (1/4”), which makes it very flexible and therefore makes the paddle very slap-py. This means it has hurting potential. A lot. It feels closer to an open palm than it does a paddle, but packing even more of a sting.

The dildo has a slight curve and a glorious bulbous head. It is fairly small in circumference (3 3/4”), much smaller than most other Tantus toys. I would describe this toy as small to average. Size queens will not be satisfied. If not for the bulb at the end, I would not be satisfied. HOWEVER, the head hit my g-spot just right and the extra firm silicone gave me the pressure I needed to cum. If you are using this to stimulate your g-spot, there is a ridge on what would be the underside. The ridge added stimulation for me vaginally, but also made holding it more comfortable when using that end as a handle for the paddle.

Thrusting with the dildo end is a little awkward since you have to grip the flat and thin paddle end. I tried to grip the neck part but that didn’t leave me with enough toy to thrust with. I ended up holding it with my thumb on top of the paddle and four fingers under it.

The dildo/handle has a hole in the end where you can add a string to hang it with. Pay special attention when cleaning the toy to clean this hole out because fluid can accumulate in there.

Fluid courtesy of Spunk Lube.

This toy can be cleaned just about any way you can think of: soap and water, toy cleaner, 10% bleach solution, boiling, or the dishwasher. In a lot of ways, this is an improvement over a leather or wooden paddle because it can be washed so easily.

The paddle dimensions are:
Total length: 13”
Paddle length: 6 1/4”
Paddle width (thickness): 1/4”
Paddle width (across): 3 1/4”
Dildo length:5 3/4”
Dildo circumference: 3 3/4”
Head circumference: 4 1/4”


I would not recommend this to paddle beginners. I would recommend it to intermediate to advanced users or those who want a versatile toy. You can pick yours up today at Tantus.